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Ways to improve client communication

If you deal with clients in your business, then you know it's not about controlling the discussion or managing expectations. Good communication is about putting yourself in the client’s shoes and continuing the much larger dialogue that has taken part over the previous months or even years. Much of my advice to clients is based on being informed, and for good reason. All of us gravitate toward that one person who always seems to have the answer. If you want to be that person to your clients (and believe me, you do), then be prepared to stay one step ahead. If industry news breaks or interesting developments arise, don’t wait for the client to call you. Call them first and have an opinion, be bold, show that you are confident enough to have a point of view because you are smart enough to know what’s going on. When you pick up on a rumor or competitive intel, call them up with an idea for taking advantage of it right away. When you come across a new study on consumer behavior, share your thoughts and ask them for theirs. Communication centers around trust and comfort!