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How to stay organized at work

Unlike getting organized it requires a commitment to DAILY ACTION to maintain the order you created when you got organized. The actions you must take are not difficult. In fact, they are pretty easy once you have established an initial order. But, they are boring and repetitive. For those folks who are creative, fun-loving and who crave variety and stimulation, the repetitive actions required to stay organized can seem deadly. But, they must be done if you want to stay organized and have a peaceful life free of chaos.

Here are 8 steps to learn how to STAY ORGANIZED:

1. Watch your behavior to identify actions that contribute to the problem of being disorganized and commit to changing problem behaviors.

2. Identify specific places in your schedule for daily organizing activities.

3. Incorporate the most important organizing tasks into routines.

4. Reward yourself for changed behavior.

5. Be willing to pay to get help if you haven’t been successful in your efforts to stay organized by a certain date.

6. Hire others to do the things you hate the most and/or have the hardest time doing.

7. Make staying organized a family commitment.

8. Have realistic expectations for the level of organization you can maintain.